about padl


As we’re watching the scenery at Bali’s famous surf spot «Padang Padang», it suddenly occurred to us that a certain combination of our names, gives the word PADL (pronounced identical with to paddle). We continued to play around and finally came up with the idea to start our own surf brand, combining our passion for surfing, traveling and it’s summer vibe fashion. Either to walk around barefoot on the beach or having a cold beer under a shady palmtree. Just be aware in the moment & feel the environment. And most important, as surfers we love and respect the ocean and its surrounding nature.


We do not believe in mass production. Instead we try not to waste any kind of resources, either material or human strength. We found our perfect match with a small balinese family business who produce our clothing under fair and sustainable conditions – all our garments are 100% handmade & limited in edition. We not only found high quality producers, but also business partners that turned into friends. To make the difference and to be part of the movement, we donate 5% of all our sales to ocean care projects around the world.


PADL is a passion project for life. We got our inspiration from our journeys through the world and all the memories and feelings accompanied doing what we love the most – looking for the perfect wave. By putting our visions into action, we feel free and creative. We want to inspire and encourage people to follow their dreams. Even if its not working out all the time, its well worth taking risks to achieve your determination. Our clothes are made to convey and express those feelings and we hope you’ll feel that powerful energy as we do everyday following our dream.